Stack Design Automation (SDA) founded in 2014 is industry’s first electronic product design automation software platform that provides an integrated environment for design and manufacture of Wearables, Printed Electronics, Flexible and Stretchable Electronics, Smart Fabrics, Internet of Things (IoT), 3DIC/MEMS, Electro-Mechanical (including Electronic Packaging and Systems) and Bio-Electronics products.  SDA offers proven concept-to-design-to-manufacturing flow thru “stacks” for the foregoing product segments. Sophisticated computer aided engineering (CAE) methods for each stack insures product performance and reliability by virtual prototyping. SDA is agnostic to your choice of CAE tools –we support industry standard tools like ANSYS, Comsol, Flotherm, LS Dyna, NASTRAN, etc. We transform Computational Design Thinking into Product Thinking.

You can find more about our technology at this link.

We practice what we preach –we are applying our methodology to develop our own hardware products, making us first company to develop and offer symbiotic hardware and software products. Our patent-pending Android wearable is currently in design iterations. Visit our Products page for more info.

SDA also offers Services which include complete electronics product design from concept to manufacturing at device-, module- and system-level applications. We also offer consulting and training services at select cities and also at customer premises. Visit this page to find out more on our services.

Designing, prototyping and producing electronics products for consumers and enterprises alike must be engaging, enjoining and enjoyable! Join us in our journey and explore!


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SDA will be at IoT Devcon next week, Apr 26-27, 2017. Tweet to @stackdesignauto to network.

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