SDA's Technological Approach

The landscape of product design tools which includes electronic, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, industrial design, reverse engineering and product data management software remains much the same as it was many years ago –disjointed, generic, interspersed, component-centric and manufacturing-deficient, requiring too many talents and skill sets and prolonged time lines. It would seem that there is systemic friction among design tools leading to suboptimal product design experience.

More importantly, the insights a product designer can gain by using a design platform that truly captures the 4i’s, i.e., the intricacy, the interaction, the interplay and the influence of all components on products’ design and manufacturability is lost. Product innovations can leapfrog if such multidisciplinary elements of design are truly under the control of the designer/engineer. This is our main motivation at SDA and we are hoping to change the status quo!

The main elements of our technology blocks can be explained using Virtual Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Design Stacks and Integrated Design Flow. These technology blocks are synthesized in a collaborative environment to drive SDA’s products.



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