About SDA

Stack Design Automation (SDA) founded in 2014 is industry’s first electronic product design automation services flow for design and manufacture of Wearables, Printed Electronics, Flexible and Stretchable Electronics, Smart Fabrics, Internet of Things (IoT), 3DIC/MEMS, Electro-Mechanical (including Electronic Packaging and Systems) and Bio-Electronics products.

SDA offers proven concept-to-design-to-manufacturing services flow thru “stacks” for the foregoing product segments. Sophisticated computer aided engineering (CAE) methods for each stack insures product performance and reliability by virtual prototyping. And yes, we do support reverse engineering using 3D scanning, geometry extraction and modeling.

We are a small team of intrepid hardware and software engineers who think the electronic design automation (EDA) services’ ecosystem is ripe for disruption. Increasing proliferation of consumer electronic devices demands a more focused approach to integrate electrical and mechanical CAD / ECAD / EDA / TCAD / CAE tools and features offering much faster design iterations with built-in design rule checks for manufacturing (DRC / DFM). We accomplish this by using tailored-flow and leveraging advances by leading EDA tools vendors like Ansys, Cadence, Mentor, Siemens, Dassault and many others.

Designing, prototyping and producing electronics products for consumers and enterprises alike must be engaging, enjoining and enjoyable! At SDA, we are focused and committed to deliver that experience to you.

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