Executive Team

SDA is led by its founder Dr. MP Divakar. He is supported by a team of well-accomplished professionals in the Silicon Valley and in Bengaluru, India.

Dr. MP Divakar is the CEO of Stack Design Automation, a company focused on developing ECAD-MCAD integration software platform, design stacks, services and training for next-generation electronics including MEMS, 3DIC, Printed Electronics, Wearable & Stretchable Electronics and the Internet-of-Things. He has more than 18 years of experience in electronic packaging development in microwave-, millimeter-wave and RF-communications, power electronics and MEMS at component-, module- and system-level applications. He has also worked on hardware development for semiconductor test and high speed communication fabric. His expertise includes electronic & optoelectronic packaging (JEDEC, IPC, MIL-STD, & Telcordia), thermal and thermo-mechanical modeling, characterization and finite element simulation.

He has more than 30 publications, 10 issued patents and many applications pending. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India). He is an active contributor to EE Times and participates in the 3DIC & MEMS standards activities of SEMI and GSA. He is also the Sr. Technical Editor for Electronics Cooling from ITEM Media. He has published several articles in the technical press and organized and chaired sessions at conferences in the Silicon Valley. He also serves as Programs Chair for the Silicon Valley Chapter of the IEEE Communications Society and the Vice Chair for IEEE Power Electronics Society. Dr. Divakar holds a PhD from Arizona State University, an MSc from The University of Calgary, and a B Eng from the University of Mysore (India).

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