Reverse Engineering

Engineering design of electronics products are not trivial no matter how ‘simple’ the product is! Engineers and designers make decisions based on analysis which directly impact the product being designed. This is accomplished by quite a few tasks which are aided by simulations leading to better understanding of the decisions.

Though at first glance it may seem not as challenging as forward design, reverse engineering (RE) is no trivial exercise! Reverse engineering electronic products is multidisciplinary and involves multiple approaches to reproduce a physical object using drawings, documentation, software, images and functional / performance data. Therefore RE process has elements that make it multimodal: ad hoc, creative and formal. At SDA, we believe RE is not a stigma, rather an opportunity to innovate and do better than your competition. In a very competitive market, RE has the potential to improve the competitiveness of your products and drastically shorten the NPI cycles.

SDA’ method of formalizing a design flow incorporating RE is unique and offers multiple approaches to employ RE in your design process. Depending on the “Stacks” we offer, further customization is provided to speed up your design process. A high level architecture of RE is as shown below. More information will be made available in application notes in the near future. In the interim, please use our Contact form to request further information under NDA.