Company Background

SDA is incorporated in the State of California. Founded in 2014 as an electronic product design automation tools’ developer, SDA leveraged more than 50 man years of hardware design knowledge to address the major bottlenecks in product development and efficient ways to mitigate their effects. More importantly, valuable insights from the experiences of its team are being used in the development of EDA tools that make its offerings unique with strong differentiation and unparalleled value.

Some of our major milestones are:

• April 2014: Founded

July 2014: Software tools development partnership with Rectrix, India

August 2014: Services engagement with Avogy, Inc. & ARPA-E.

August 2014: Services engagement with Corwil

September 2014: Services engagement with Silitronics, Inc.

April 2015: Services engagement with PECO | InspX

August 2015: Services engagement with Bayside Design, Inc. (now a subsidiary of Socionext)

August 2016: Longterm services engagement with ITEM Media

September 2016: Services engagement with Intel