Virtual Prototyping

Virtual prototyping is a fundamental technology in SDA’s product design ecosystem. In the context of electronics / bioelectronics product design, it encompasses a set of technological approaches addressing design, its validation using simulation and finally the assessment of manufacturability, all without building physical prototypes. Computer-aided design (CAD) which is further delineated into mechanical (MCAD), electrical (ECAD) and electronic (EDA) software tools is typically the starting point, followed by computer-aided engineering (CAE) software to validate a design before committing to making a physical prototype. Concurrently or subsequently, manufacturability checks are performed before commitment to volume manufacturing.

In SDA’s vision, virtual prototyping is the basis for systematic innovation, design and engineering and rapid prototyping of product concepts. SDA implements its various design stacks using virtual prototyping as the underlying technological approach in a synergistic manner.  A high level breakdown of the various elements in virtual prototyping is illustrated in the figure below.